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Agile Web Development (CITS3403, SEM-1, 2014, Crawley)

Faculty of Engineering, Computing & Mathematics

Computer Science & Software Engineering

Unit Outline

Agile Web Development


SEM-1, 2014

Campus: Crawley

Unit Coordinator: Dr Wei Liu

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Unit details

Unit title Agile Web Development
Unit code CITS3403 Credit points 6
Availability SEM-1, 2014 (24/02/2014 - 21/06/2014)
Location Crawley Mode Face to face

Contact details

Faculty Faculty of Engineering, Computing & Mathematics
School Computer Science & Software Engineering
School website http://web.csse.uwa.edu.au/
Unit coordinator Dr Wei Liu
Email wei.liu@uwa.edu.au
Telephone 6488 3095
Consultation hours Tuesday 9-10am (CSSE Room 2.18 or CSSE Lab 2.01)
NamePositionEmailTelephone Number
Wei LiuAssistant Professorwei.liu@uwa.edu.au64883095
Tutors/ Demonstrators/ Facilitators

Dr Wei Liu

Unit contact hours Lectures: 2 hrs per week; labs: 2 hrs per week
Online handbook http://handbooks.uwa.edu.au/units/unitdetails?code=CITS3403
Unit website http://undergraduate.csse.uwa.edu.au/units/CITS3403/

Unit rules

Prerequisites CITS1401 Problem Solving and Programming and [CITS1402 Relational Database Management Systems (formerly CITS1402 Introduction to Databases) or CITS2232 Databases]; for pre-2012 courses: one of CITS1200 Java Programming, CITS1210 C Programming, CITS1220 Software Engineering
Advisable prior study
Incompatibility CITS4230 Internet Technologies
Approved quota

Unit description

This unit explores technologies, programming languages and environments that underpin the development of modern web applications. It builds on students´┐Ż previous programming and data management experience to develop and demonstrate technologies in action. Topics and techniques evolve from year to year to stay at the technological front-end of the rapidly changing Web and internet field. Examples include historical milestones of the internet and Web; client/server models; internet protocols; document standards; development environments; client-side, server-side programming; n-tiered application architectures; database access and abstraction; and open-source tools.

Learning outcomes

Students are able to (1) understand the key components that work together to enable the delivery of data and services on today's internet; (2) speak the 'language of the internet', understand the technologies behind the terms and how they fit together, and back this up with examples of hands-on programming experience; (3) demonstrate generic skills in problem formulation and solution; and (4) exercise skills in teamwork and communication.

Unit structure

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Assessment overview

Typically this unit is assessed in the following way(s): (1) a mid-semester test; (2) team projects and presentations; and (3) a final examination. Further information is available in the unit outline.

Assessment mechanism

#ComponentWeightDue DateRelates To Outcomes
1Practical Project Stage I (Individual)10%11/04/2014Static website design and development
2Midterm Test10%14/04/2014Web and Internet Technology understanding and programming
3Practical Project Stage II (Group)20%23/05/2014Database-driven web application design and implementation
4Final Exam60%June Exam PeriodTechnology understanding and programming skills

Assessment items

Item TitleDescriptionSubmission Procedure for Assignments
Practical Project Stage IDesign and develop a static websitecssubmit and live site on CSSE Linux Server
Midterm TestPaper-based test to provide mid-semester feedback on the learning progress at lecture venue during lecture
Practical Project Stage IIDesign and develop a database-driven web2.0 applicationcssubmit and live site on CSSE Linux Server
Final ExamPaper based exam on both technology understandings and practical programming tasksat university exam venue during June exam period

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Textbooks and resources

Recommended texts


Sebesta, R. W. Programming the World Wide Web, 7th edn: Pearson 2013

Ruby, S. ; Thomas, D. ; Hansson, D. H. Agile Web Development with Rails 4, The Pragmatic Bookshelf, 2013, Pragmatic Programmers, LLC.

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